Take the Pressure Off...

Are you putting an unreasonable amount of pressure on yourself right now?

If so…this post is a mini intervention to PAUSE that pressure

Heck, why not STOP altogether right now and take a breath.

It’s all going to work out.

The first few weeks of the year I realized I was living in a pressure cooker of my own making.

Pressure to plan my wedding.

Pressure to come up with goals and new year's intentions.

Pressure to answer emails and requests I put off from 2022.

Pressure to basically complete my daily to-do list…YESTERDAY.


Over the weekend I got married and I’m now a whole wife!

Gwen Aussem (Elliot)

I found it fascinating that as I was living in the moment, I felt ZERO PRESSURE. 

I had a blast and enjoyed the day.

Imagine living that present vibe daily. #TRUEGOALS. It absolutely helps you feel a level of love and relaxation that completely melts the pressure away.

At the start of the week, I was inspired to pick back up Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. In the book, he reminds us that pressure and all forms of fear (anxiety, tension, stress) are caused by too much future, not enough presence. 

The Power of Now

So if today, you’re feeling that weight of pressure…I encourage you to do something you enjoy that helps you get back to the present moment and take the pressure off.

Wishing you a glorious start to 2023, filled with abundance, relaxation and joy!!

- Gwen


Creator of The Microcourse 

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