“You’re too expensive” (online course pricing edition)

sticker shock

This was the first reaction I received for my new course creation accelerator program.

This came from a respected marketer, and my first reaction was OH NOOO. Cut to me then spiraling and staring at the screen.

These were some of the thoughts that popped into my head:

“I’m greedy.”

“This is a mistake.”

“Why did I charge this much?”

“I want to hide.”

“I regret making this.”

Of course she went on to explain very valid points:

  • The USD to CAD exchange rate felt like a burden
  • She didn’t see payment plan options
  • And she would totally hire me if she was in the market to build a course, but she’s not right now

And yet, I dwelled on this.

So what do you do when this happens to you?

The truth is, It’s the wild west of online course pricing. One person’s ‘expensive’ is another person’s ‘cheap.’ Here’s how I handle the feedback.

#1. Allow yourself to feel the feelings. 

Truth is, the only reason this would trigger me is if I felt like there was some truth to what she was saying! 

#2. Learn from the feedback.

After I let my emotions run wild, I realized she had so many good points! I updated the page to include a payment plan and explanation about why I’m charging in USD (world currency, which I recommend student’s use unless creating a local course, and added an option for local pricing).

#3. Convey your value.

My accelerator program is double the cost of most courses about how to make an online course. The average price for flagship course programs is $1999 USD.

I worked on editing the sales page and added a course trailer to explain how my course is different (the key being I’m working 1:1 with you and your team for the accountability and implementation support).

Remind yourself of the unique value and experience you bring, and it immediately helps to eliminate any fear of your price.

Funny enough, a treasured past client with a thriving course-based business shared this message with me on the same day:


Remember at the end of the day you want to feel valued for your experience, and jump for joy every time a student purchases your course (not feel resentment because you’re under charging). 

If you’re in the market to create and sell your premium flagship course, I’d be honored to help you! Learn more about the program here!

Lastly, be sure to take care of yourself this week and remember that even the smallest of micro-est can help you make amazing progress this week.

- Gwen

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