Gwen Elliot is an Course Producer at Shopify and the Co-Creator of The Media Method online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to get featured in mainstream media. Gwen is also a former producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada and has been featured on Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur and FLARE magazine for various side hustles. Learn more at www.gwenelliot.ca. 


Lately, I've been experimenting with adding more fun into my life and right now this website reflects the experiments.

Here is a short story with a bit more context on my story:

"Fun is for suckers!” I used to say, loud and proud.

I believed if you’re having fun, you’re not working hard enough.

In my mind, fun was a frivolous indulgence; a practice for people who simply had no desire to taste real success.

And guess what…hustle-mode worked! (Kinda).

While my peers were mired in the existential quarter-life crisis, I’d wrangled my way to top of the media world producing a TV show about millionaire (and billionaire) entrepreneurs that was picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. At the same time, I was travelling the world working in tech, with a side hustle in PR servicing incredible clients.

I was running my life at lightning speed, my Starbucks splattering on my don’t-fuck-with-me blazers. I had “made it.”

And yet…

Every once in awhile, I’d hear a whisper. Is this it?

As the months passed, it picked up speed.

Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it?

It was especially LOUD at 3 a.m. when, eyes blistered yet staring straight ahead at my MacBook, I was hellbent on getting 12 more things done.

Luckily, I totally ignored that whisper.

My nightly glass of wine or beer (plus my eat-the-entire-bag-of-soft-chocolate-chip-cookies practice) shut that voice right down.

But (you guessed it) my ability to ignore my inner voice and actually enjoy life wasn’t sustainable. And very soon, I absolutely broke down. Mentally, physically, spiritually (and whatever other way there is to break).

And I had to re-learn how to live and start from scratch.

That’s when I started to get curious about what I actually enjoyed, that felt easy, good and dare I say...fun!

After much resistance, I am currently ALL IN on following the fun. It has not lead me astray. In fact, my life has completely changed for the better.

Following the fun has helped me:

  • Fall in love with an awesome man named Josh.💓
  • Start working at Shopify in a role that looked like it was created for me.👩‍💻
  • Stop drinking alcohol.🍷
  • Eat completely guilt free and abundantly on a plant-based diet.🥑
  • Actually get into daily meditation 🙏
  • Budgeting and paying more attention to and appreciating money.💰

I believe having more fun is the fastest and easiest way to live in alignment, explore your humanity, and love being alive. It leads to finding or creating work you love, having better relationships and treating your body like gold.

If you’re in to learn more about this whole ‘fun’ thing, follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my newsletter, or email me anytime at elliotgwen@gmail.com to tell me what you’re up to that’s leading to living a fun life. I’m always open to learning!

Thank you so much for reading!