"I am truly inspired by the opportunity to teach and learn online."

gwen elliot online course producerWhen I started my career in television production, my focus was on creating helpful content and my dream was to create TV shows.
In my five years workin’ in the biz, I got to live that dream.
A few highlights include interning at MTV in Series Development in Santa Monica (around the Teen Mom/Jersey Shore era), creating my own show for local cable TV (called Start Something Big!) and producing a show that got picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. What you don't see between the highlights is the extreme stress of working freelance TV jobs, while working multiple restaurant jobs to make ends meet. It was a highly stressful, but exhilarating time. 

gwen elliot “When I sold my first eBook it was a revelation…”

In between restaurant shifts, I started to listen to podcasts and stumbled into learning about packaging and selling your knowledge online. It sounded wild, and I was into it!

I created my first eBook called “How to Connect With Influential People When You’re First Starting Out” to teach folks how I booked guests and made connections in the media world.

I sold it for $10 bucks. And when I sold my first book to a stranger, it might as well have been a $1,000,000. I was HOOKED. I dove deeper into the online education world...

“I made my first online course in 2012…” 

I made my first online course in 2012 with nutritionist and television host Julie Daniluk. We met when I interviewed her for my local cable television show called Start Something Big!

I will be forever appreciative for that opportunity to get started. Since that time nearly 10 years ago, I’ve now co-created over 30 courses reaching over 450K people! WOW! I currently work at Shopify as an online course producer (#dreamjobalert), and help authors and experts turns their books, workshops and expertise into online education.

I have also had the opportunity to co-create a course I teach with Emmy Award winning entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil called The Media Method.

gwen elliot natalie macneil “I spend all of my working hours obsessed with online education”

From sales pages to email funnels, LMS (learning management systems) to webinars, filming equipment to editing software...this is my JAM! 

There are so many elements of creating an online course, and I aim to be as transparent as possible about the challenges and work that goes into creating a beautiful and effective online course. 

I teach free monthly webinars to help demystify the process. You can learn more here!

I have invested thousands of dollars in online courses to get better at all aspects of the process. From working with today’s top online experts in masterminds and buying their courses to going the more traditional route of industry conferences to working towards my Applied Online Certificate at the Harvard Extension School - I am enamoured with this industry and am committed to lifelong learning.

“Online learning is a path to freedom…”

I have yet to find a more fulfilling, fun, scalable way to build a business than online learning. If you’re interested in this space, I highly encourage you to sign up for my email list as I will be sharing my learnings there and offering free training to help you get your elearning business up and running!

My Official Bio:

Gwen Elliot is an Online Course Producer co-creating more than 50 courses reaching over 600,000 people. She currently works at Shopify, and runs a small business helping authors and experts create online courses and workshops. Gwen is a former producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. Entrepreneurial at heart, she has been featured in media outlets for different projects including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, The Star and Thrive Global, and FLARE.