So you want to be a course creator?

That's amazing. The online education space is absolutely booming. Though it's also evolving. 

Now, more than ever, people are seeking credible, transparent, honest, trustworthy people who can deliver real results, and teach them the skills or the transformation they promised with their marketing.

The most successful people in our industry are 'North Stars.'

They're the people who live sincerely and authentically.

They create admirable lives and lifestyles.

Their role evolves beyond teaching a skill, we actually look to them for life advice and in times of crisis.

They are mentally/physically/spiritually aligned (though let's be real this is a consistent work in progress).

Now let's also be're probably one of these people. Perhaps you realize it, or perhaps you're here for some coaching or advice on how to articulate and share your message.

My work is helping you become the best possible teacher, and also amplify your message with the power of the media so you can build community, customers, credibility and that elusive buzz about your business or brand. 

For the last 10+ years, I've helped people share their story in the media (on TV/podcasts/radio/magazines/blogs etc.) as well as creating media (TV shows, podcasts and online courses). Check out my work with me page if you'd like to learn more!

So if you're an entrepreneur or side hustler (or human) with an inspiring and helpful product or message to share, you're in the right place to learn.
A Day In My Life Today:

Currently, by day I work at Shopify creating online courses to educate people about how to start a thriving business and on the side I love teaching people to break into the media.

Here's a quick video sharing a bit about what I do at Shopify: 

I've helped create courses featuring Marie Forleo, Daymond John and Tony Robbins to name a few, and we are soon launching Shopify Academy (the place to learn how to start a business with Shopify) to the masses (for free)!

I am deeply dedicated to this work, though I also love the joy people feel when they get featured in the media.

Media is one of the only 'permanent' forms of marketing. Once you're featured in Forbes it is with you for the life!

It's definitely a worthwhile investment. Right now, I'm offering a one-on-one coaching service where I help you create your signature PR pitch.  

My intention is to help you get crystal clear on how to pitch your business to the media (and this will also help with your overall branding and connecting with your customers). Or you can check out The Media Method Online course that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop a full plan to break into the media (at a fraction of the cost of hiring a PR team). 

Image + video courtesy of The Prevail Project.

I know that doing push-ups on your knuckles may not look particularly enjoyable, however I do it to get better at my hobby (turned slight obsession) of learning Krav Maga (a very practical form of martial arts). I am in love with the idea of having a hobby that requires complete presence and learning a skill from scratch. In the more 'calm' realm of hobbies, I am learning meditation and energy work (Reiki and EFT [emotional freedom technique] specifically) and love organizing small gatherings of entrepreneurs to connect!


Gwen Elliot is an Course Producer at Shopify and the Co-Creator of The Media Method online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to get featured in mainstream media. Gwen is also a former producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada and has been featured on Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur and FLARE magazine for various side hustles. Learn more at 

Thank you so much for reading!