"The more you learn, the more you earn."- Warren Buffet 


When is the last time you learned something new or better yet, taught someone a new skill? 

As an avid learner and teacher, I believe education is power. I am incredibly grateful that through my work at Shopify I focus full-time on helping people learn skills to change their lives.

Here's a day in my life via The Prevail Project! The Prevail Project also generously provided multiple photos for this website.

My Values:

Learn more, earn more.

One of my co-workers (👋 Kyle) said this phrase the other day and I love it! I believe you have the ability to transform your entire life if you’re willing to learn and act in alignment with the new information. As a Sr. Course Producer at Shopify, my role is to create online courses that teach entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs the skills and strategies to grow a thriving business. I work with today’s top industry experts to create the courses from idea to launch. The best part? At Shopify we provide these courses for FREE! Thousands of entrepreneurs from around the globe have signed up and are learning.

Focus on the long-term.

I believe in making decisions focused on long-terms wins versus short terms gains. Whenever I take on a new 30 day challenge, one of the ways I gauge if I should do it is if I could see myself living the lifestyle as I age. Would the 70 year old me want to still do this? If the answer is yes...then I'm in! If I'm taking on a challenge for a quick-win solution then I no longer do it.

Highlight Reel Moments: 

I've had a pretty interesting career so far going from TV producer to Tech/Hardware to Online Education. Here's a few proud moments in my highlight reel:

  • Created +25 courses to date (including a nutrition course Female Funders courses ‘Angel School’ (acquired by Highline Beta) and my own course The Media Method with Emmy Award winner Natalie MacNeil
  • Produced a television show for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada (for two seasons)
  • Instructor at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Education teaching Advanced Practices in Multimedia Storytelling
  • Currently working on pursuing my Instructional Design Certificate through the Harvard Extension School
  • I've been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, The Star and Thrive Global, and FLARE for different entrepreneurial ventures and different topics related to my personal life.


    My bio:

    Gwen Elliot is a Sr. Course Producer at Shopify. She creates courses that help people start and grow a successful business. Gwen is a former producer for a television show about entrepreneurship that was picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. Entrepreneurial at heart, she has been featured in media outlets for different projects including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, The Star and Thrive Global, and FLARE for entrepreneurial activity.


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