Done-in-a-Day! Jam's Micro Course Curriculum

Done-in-a-Day! Jam's Micro Course Curriculum

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Let’s fast-track your micro course creation so you can share your dream of Slay the Mic Jr. with all the youth!

How it works:

🎥 Select a date/time to work together in the coming weeks. We’ll schedule a 90 minute Zoom call, though I’ll aim to keep it to closer to 60 mins!

 🎥Once we align on a time, I’ll send you a link to purchase and officially lock in the date! Investment is $149 CAD + HST. 

🎥Share any relevant information about your micro course content. This will help me brainstorm questions and start getting an idea of the content of your curriculum. If that doesn’t exist, that’s totally okay! If you do have YouTube links, articles, posts etc… please send my way!

🎥 Your dedicated curriculum day begins with a 1:1 Zoom call. Prepare your beverages for MICRO CURRICULUM DAY! Simply show up and be ready to start sharing your dreams, course goals and A+ content for the course. I will have a questions list prepared. We’ll work together on Zoom and the conversation will be recorded.  

🎥 By the next day (within 24 hours), you will have your course curriculum delivered via Google Docs. If you have any questions or comments, please comment within 24 hours and I’ll respond to you right away.

Then what?

  • After you’re excited and satisfied with the curriculum, I’ll share suggested next steps to turn the curriculum into a course.
  • If you need support with sales page copywriting, content creation for downloads, script support, building the course on your learning management system etc. I can provide a quote for these services to help you launch faster!