Meet Gwen
Welcome to my Aussem (AWESOME) World 🌎

Online course creator. New mom and wife. Weekly podcaster. Eldest sister of four gals. Focused on creating an awesome life and *truly* embody my new last name 😁

From professional athletes to NYT best-selling authors, local legends to hidden gems...I help inspiring people create their ideal online course.

When I found online courses, I found my career calling.

I've worked behind the scenes as a course ghostwriter and on-set online course producer, as well as creating and teaching my own courses.

If you're getting started and want the curated tools + tips, access my free course creator toolkit below!

Discover the Online Course Opportunity:

If you’re looking for limitless opportunities, look no further than the e-learning industry.

  • The e-learning industry is on track to become a $325 billion dollar industry by 2025 (Forbes)

  • Since 2000, there has been a 900% growth in the e-learning industry (PapersOwl)

  • E-learning has lead to an increase in income for 42% of US organizations (

  • Companies like MasterClass have raised $100 million dollars to build and scale the e-learning industry with world-class experts

  • One of my mentors has enrolled 50,000 students in her flagship course (sold for $1999). That's $100 million dollars in revenue with one online course. *picks jaw up off the floor* 

So what makes me different from other course creators?


I’ve created +80 courses in different industries with more than 1,000,000 students. I draw on nearly 10 years of experience (and over 10,000 hours) and have created courses for world-class leaders such as David Cote and HarperCollins Leadership authors Daymond John and Tim Ferris (to name a few).


I measure my success of a course based on student testimonials and feedback. Focusing on student experiences has led me to support 6-figure launches, sold-out course cohorts, and one course-based business being acquired.

Put the education first

I’m finding an alarming trend in my industry where course teachers are obsessed with marketing and selling courses more than building a quality education experience. I care deeply about creating courses with substance that grow through word of mouth. When you focus on building a powerful learning environment for your students, the course will naturally start to grow.

Work with World Class Leaders

Through my work with Shopify I’ve created courses featuring Daymond John, Marie Forleo, and Tim Ferriss. I also currently turn HarperCollins Leadership books into courses.

Want to work together?

Currently there are two ways to work with me:

1) The Microcourse - Create and sell your mini course

2) Done-in-a-day Curriculum Building - Email for more details!

gwen aussem podcast
Sharing my best learnings, stories and interviews on my weekly podcast!

Each week I share a guest interview, story or learning. The podcast is self titled (Gwen Aussem Podcast) as given the last name Aussem I had literally no choice but to create a podcast on creating an awesome life! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watch on YouTube!

curated content

Cornerstone online learning resources to get started!


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Everything is a Remix Part 2 by Kirby Ferguson


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