It’s Time to Lead the Course.

If you (or your client) is a credible expert and a teacher at heart, let’s turn hard-earned knowledge into an effective course that can become a cornerstone of business income.

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Create Your Course Training (Coming Soon)

It’s time to put your course on the top of your priority list. This course is a 90-day system to help you create your flagship course based on your best-selling book or years of content creation and years teaching.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

+ How to validate your ideal learner (and buyer)

+ How to create your course curriculum

+ Feedback and a personalized revision of your course curriculum

+ How to build an accessible and inclusive course that can scale globally

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"Gwen was absolutely essential to our success. If you want to build not just a course, but a great course, she should be your very first call. I won't produce a new course without her."

— Sarah Stockdale, Founder of Growclass

Course Ghostwriting + Production Services

Full-service course creation for best-selling authors and world-class experts. If you’re looking for the ‘easy-button’ for course creation, this is it! Email to learn more.

"I would 100% recommend working with Gwen as you create and launch your course!"

— Komal Minhas, Founder of The Next Right Step Course

Book Publishers, Talent Agents, & Managers:

Email me directly at for case studies and information about the online course opportunity to share with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work best with teams that are collaborative, give feedback, are open to learning, and are world-class credible experts. We are definitely a good fit if you make the course a priority for 30 days when we work together.

The Course Sprint is comparable to hiring an experienced book ghostwriter. You will receive a quote based on your course goals and the type of course you’re aiming to create. Unlike book ghostwriting, a course requires more content creation. We also create your workbooks/downloadable content, slide decks, can edit and provide motion graphics and build your course on your learning management system.

Currently we do not offer course marketing as a service, though we can refer you to trusted peers to help you with marketing.

The goal is to complete the course content within 30 days of signing the contract. This is dependent on your (or your client’s) scheduling and availability for feedback on the course outline and to film the course.