Interview with Jam Gamble on Gwen Aussem Podcast


Today I am thrilled to share an uplifting, transparent, joyful and informative interview with course creator Jam Gamble.

Jam is known as the slayer of the mic and is the creator of the incredible


0:00 - Greetings!

1:38 - Creating an awesome life

5:43 - Having a relaxed mindset

14:10 - Are you hiding?

19:20 - Handling moments of anxiety

24:24 - Why is Slaying the Mic important to you?

27:30 - Origin of Slay the Mic course

33:20 - What would you say to someone who has a stalled course launch?

37:17 - How do you keep it going?

39:43 - Rapid fire questions

43:10 - Best advice

44:53 - Jam Gambles contact


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